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All the beauty of the heavens wrapped delightfully in a handful of equally gorgeous terrestrial beings
An ounce of light stirring particles once viral but so long dormant; matter only measurable not by its mass but by its potential; unknowingly the misguided stumble not further from infancy but closer to; privately the victims of their cowardice cry out for their misfit brethren only to find they are nothing more than shadowless orphans of a time, a life, and a place long since overshadowed by the light they once held so close; a light that even with purest intentions could not help itself to burn them.
Shiva Honey -  Vocals, Inspiration, Art, Creativity -High levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, low levels of serotonin

Kyle KO - Beats, Science, Physics -Robitussin, 소주, love, math, the moon and stars 
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